tattoos + beer + music = love

Dry The River
support: The Dope

Hey guys!

I thought I could write this entry in my really great school-english because the band, Dry The River, to whose concert I went to yesterday evening comes from London. So if any band member ever reads this, I don't want them to read the Google translation.

So, I'm trying my best:

I'll shortly tell you something about how I "got to know" DTR. It was in 2012 and by accident I found out that the Kids of Adelaide played at the Atomic Café as supporting act for Dry The River. I called a friend and told her we should go there because the Kids make music we love and it was our favourite club. We bought tickets 2 days before the concert. I noticed I had DTR's first Album "Shallow Bed" on my iPod but had never really listened to it before. But even more after the concert! Since this evening at the Atomic they have definitely been one of my favourite live bands. Totally impressed.

Peter's vocals are divine in every way and they all look so cool with the tattoos and long hair. Just like yesterday, too. I had a great evening with such great music and some beer, although I said I wouldn't drink this week...

Sometimes we really had to laugh because some people take singing along very seriously! Sorry but it looked so funny! Hopefully you couldn't see those people from the stage! If it was me, I wouldn't be able to sing while other people go totally crazy. Haha

One of the two encores was played in the middle of the crowd. "We never did this before". Funny joke, guys. Of course they have done this before but it's always a great feeling to have the musicians next to you only with acoustic sound.  
(Check the concert-entry from 2012) 

Guys, I hope my english isn't too bad. If it is, I'm really sorry but I think this is a million times better than the google-translator-bad-grammar-version!


by Kathi. Danke für's spontane Mitkommen ♥